Physicochemical Analysis of Margarine, Butter and Butter Oil Samples of Iran’s Markets

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1 2Department of Food and Agriculture, Standard Research Institute, Iranian National Standards Organization (INSO), PO Box 31745-139, Karaj, Iran

2 Department of Food Sciences &Technology, Faculty of Advanced Sciences &Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran - Iran (IAUPS),


Butter, margarine and butter oil are three products which consume daily by Iranian’scommunity. Detection of type and existence of synthetic antioxidants (SAs) quantities in the margarine, butter and butter oil samples is so important in point of view of the safety. For this purpose, peroxide value (PV), oxidative stability (OS), iodine value (IV), fatty acid analysis (FA), type and amount of SAs, and its antioxidant activity (AA%) of the samples was determined as described methods of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) documents including ISO numbers: 3960, 6886, 3961, 5509, AOCS Ce 6-86, and DPPH assay, respectively. The direct relationship between the quantities of OS, SA and AA% was observed in the samples. It was observed that many of butter oil samples were without SA. In margarine samples, the amount of IV was higher than that of in butter and butter oil samples (P<0.05). The SAs quantities in margarine samples were estimated higher than those of butter and butter oil samples (P<0.05). The AA% was observed in the most of butter and butter oil samples that SA was not detected in them by HPLC which may be depending on the existence of natural bioactive materials including phospholipids having antioxidant activity in butter and butter oil samples.Results showed that propyl gallate (PG) was detected in all samples of margarine and the amount of SA in the all samples was lower than that of specified in Iranian National Standards Organization (INSO).


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