Antibacterial Activity of Salvia reuterana Constituents

Document Type : Original Article


Two flavonids: 5-hydroxy-6,7,4 ́-trimethoxy flavone (salvigenin), 5-hydroxy-7,4 ́-dimethoxy flavone
(thitonine) and a labdane type diterpenoid: 8,13-epoxy-14 labdene (manoyl oxide) isolated from the solvent
extract of the aerial part of Salvia reuterana Boiss.The proposed structure were stablished by 1HNMR,
13CNMR, 2DNMR( C-H-Cosy, HMQC),DEPT and Mass spectroscopy and confirmed in accordance with
bibiliographic data and computational chemistry results. The three components were evaluated against 7
microorganisms including gram(+/-)bacterias by measurment of growth inhibitory zone. They showed
significant effect specially on gram(-) bacterias and in this way the most effective component was thitonine
which was even more effective than Gentamicine as standard antibiotic.