Numerical study of thermal dynamics of gold nanoparticles in laser-induced hyperthermia therapy

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Damage of the normal tissue is a serious concenrn in cancer treatment. Hyperthermia by laser
has been considered as a safe cancer treatments methods with lower harmful effects on normal
tissues. Using nanoparticles in cancer treatment has improved laser therapy, which is based on
a selective cell targeting method to localize cell damages. Metallic nanoparticles such as gold,
silver, and copper have been recognized to highly interact with laser beam because of surface
plasmon resonance phenomena. However, due to toxicity of silver and copper, gold nanoparticle
have received great interest in nanomedicine particularly as a protein denaturizing agent
applied to the targeted cells. On the other hand, interaction between laser beam and nanoparticles
depends on laser properties and particle characteristics. In this study, we have numerically
evaluated the effects of different parameters in the laser beam and particle, to facilitate the
accurate controlling of laser-induced hyperthermia process.