Role of dietary nano-zinc oxide on growth performance and blood levels of mineral: A study on in Iranian Angora (Markhoz)goat kids

Document Type : Original Article


This study was conducted to assess the possible effects of zinc oxide (ZnO) and nano zinc oxide
(nZnO) on growth performance as well as the level of Ca, P, Fe, Cu and Zn in Markhoz goat kids
blood samples. Thirty 5-6 months male Markhoz goat kids were supplemented with 22.12 mg of
Zn/ kg DM as basal diet for 70 days. Zinc was administered at daily doses of zero, 20 and 40
ppm in ZnO group , and 20 and 40 ppm in nZnO group by adding to their basal diet. Animals
were weighed fortnightly to obtain average daily gain (ADG). Blood samples were taken for
analyzing blood mineral level at baseline and days 35 and 70. No significant difference in food
intake and ADG was identified between Zn supplemented and control groups. Zn supplementation
did not affect the blood mineral levels in kids except for plasma Zn concentration on day
35 (P < 0.05). In conclusion, results show that ZnO and nZnO at applied concentrations does not
affect growth performance and composition of blood minerals in Markhoz goat kids.