Preparation of Combination Tablet Containing Lisinopril (10mg)/Hydrochlorothiazide (12.5mg): Characterization and Stability studies

Document Type : Original Article


In modern clinical practice, combination fixed - dose tablets have become a baseline for
effective therapy in many clinical conditions. The Hydrochlorothiazide (Hctz) (12.5mg) /
Lisinopril (Lis) (10 mg) tablet is a combination drug for treatment of hypertension. In this
study, the tablets were prepared by wet granulation method and characterized in terms of weight
variation, hardness, friability, disintegration time, dissolution and stability. A high-performance
liquid-chromatographic method (HPLC) was used to assay Hctz and Lis in the prepared tablets.
Amongst different formulations, WG14 was found to be the best for product development based
on both physicochemical and stability results. Pharmaceutical characteristics of the tablets were
compared with the Innovator tablet 1A-Pharma (Germany).