Preparation and Skin Permeation Study of N, N- Diethyl- meta-Toluamide Semi Solid Formulations

Document Type : Original Article


N,N-Diethyl meta Toluamide (DEET) is an insect repellent agent that contrary to its benefits,
if is used in formulations with high skin permeation, will produce side effects of different
severity. This study attempted to achieve a semi-solid DEET containing formulation with
good appearance, sufficient spreadity, suitable viscosity for tube and jar filling, compatible pH
with skin, reasonable stability, longer release time, and the less skin permeation. To obtain
such a formulation, three types of DEET containing semi solids including gels (hydrophile),
creams (emulsion) and ointments (lipophile), and their characteristics were compared with each
other and with Off! Brand. Results showed that one of the prepared creams with the proper
viscosity, stability, appearance and spreadity, had the least drug release in six hours and less
skin permeation of DEET as compared with Off!. Hence the preparation was introduced as the
optimal formulation.