In vitro evaluation of itraconazole loaded vesicles prepared from non-ionic surfactants

Document Type : Original Article


This study aims to investigate the capability of forming itraconazole containing niosomes with Span 60 and Brij 58 as non-ionic surfactants. Lower cost and higher stability makes niosomes a more suitable choice in comparison with liposomes.The capability to form vesicles as an itraconazole delivery system and the influence of different factors such as type of surfactant and molar ratio of cholesterol/surfactant on the encapsulation efficiency was investigated. The size distribution of vesicles was measured by laser light scattering method. Based on the results, it was observed that the highest encapsulation efficiency and the smallest vesicle size were associated with the formulation composed of Span 60/cholesterol with the molar ratio of 30:70. The observed results were encouraging, and suggested the possibility of using this vesicle system for delivery of itraconazole as a new carrier for treating of fungal infections.