Seroprevalence of varicella antibodies in healthcare workers in Imam Reza hospital of Kermanshah-Iran

Document Type : Original Article


The objective of this study was to assess the seroprevalence of varicella antibodies in healthcare workers and students of healthcare professions and to determine the validity of the self-reported varicella and zona history for detecting susceptible subjects. Personnel of Imam Reza hospital (Kermanshah-Iran) and students were recruited and a 5 mL blood sample was obtained from all participants. A case report form, including previous self-reported history of varicella and zona, was completed. A total of 188 healthcare workers (mean age, 30.6 years; S.D., 4.0; range, 23–40) and 62 students (mean age, 19.8 years; S.D., 2.5; range, 18–25) were recruited. The prevalence of varicella antibodies was 84.5% in healthcare workers and 84.5% in students. The preferred approach in these groups at risk of varicella will be to undergo serologic testing before immunization in those with negative or unknown history of varicella.